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316 N. Philips St., Kokomo, IN 46901 | (765) 450-5219

316 N. Philips St., Kokomo, IN 46901 | (765) 450-5219

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Tattoo After Care

Apply the process 4-6 times a day . Wash with antibacterial, unscented hand soap . Each time you wash apply A&D ointment/Aquaphor to the tattoo with clean hands and wipe off with a clean paper towel . It is important NOT to keep the tattoo over saturated with ointment, but to keep it moisturized and not let it get dry .  Do NOT  shower, bathe or submerge this tattoo in water . Always clean separately . Once the tattoo peel, you may begin using unscented lotion or essential oil, and stop using A&D ointment . Do NOT PEEL OR PICK at the tattoo ever . Let it heal and peel naturally on its own.

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*$75 minimum, $100 hourly rate deposit is required $25 for minimum rate and $50 for any hourly work. The deposit fee goes towards your tattoo. 

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